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Lightweight & Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for the Blackview Smartphones: Acme, Alife P1 Pro, Arrow, Breeze, DM550, Heatwave, Omega, Ultram C3 & Zeta – by DURAGADGET

Introducing DURAGADGET‘s brand new and exclusive ultra-slim wireless bluetooth keyboard, designed to be used with your modern touch screen device.This keyboard is compact and portable, making it the perfect companion piece for your tablet, allowing you type with more comfort while taking up less space.Ultra slim design allowing you carry this keyboard with you in… Read More »

Melekesceva I. Ju. Geterogennye kobalt-mednokolchedannye mestorozhdeniya v ultramafitah paleoostrovoduzhnyh struktur./Melekesceva And. Yu. heterogeneous kobalt-mednokolchedannye deposits in the ultram

The following description is in Russian (transliterated), followed by an automated English translation. We apologize for inaccuracies in the computer-generated English translation. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate human English translation, which well be happy to prepare upon request ISBN 978-5-02-034272-9 M. Science, 2007. 245s. hardcover, the usual format. Il. We ship… Read More »