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2 Pack Travel Size Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Night Light Kitchen Bathroom Odor Remover Negative Ion Balanced Atmosphere Hallway Bedroom Office Staircase Travel Friendly Compact Sized Healthy Living

The Himalayan salt lamp is a ideal home healthcare product for anyone that wants to create a cleaner atmosphere using an all natural ionizer. Once powered on, the salt lamp will purify the surrounding air and settle the dust particles from the air to the ground by adding an extra dose of concentrated negative ions… Read More »

Living With Allergies

by spitsbergen Humans are not perfect. More flaws of the human body become apparent every day, and even citizens of advanced, modern times must find ways to deal with nature’s imperfections. One such fault of the human body would be its vulnerability to allergies. Allergies are caused by a disorder in the human immune system.… Read More »

Living Well with Heart Failure, the Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition

Heart failure―the expression alone is scary. The idea that the blood-pumping organ in our chest can struggle, stutter, or suddenly stop is deeply disconcerting. But for those who get the diagnosis, the future is not necessarily bleak. With the right treatments and a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and good nutrition, many people with heart… Read More »

Eat Fat Get Thin: Decadent Fat Burning Desserts: Your Guide to Rapid Weight Loss© with Over 200+ of The Very BEST Dessert Recipes (Upgraded Ketogenic Living Cookbook)

Looking for Decadent, Sweet, Creamy or Crunchy High Fat Desserts to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth?If so, You’ve found yourself on the right page.Introducing the EAT FAT GET THIN Revolution… These Eat Fat Get Thin desserts produce a nutritious explosion of flavour. If you are looking for a healthy combination of tasty high-fat foods to fuel… Read More »