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Disorders of Blood Pressure Regulation: Phenotypes, Mechanisms, Therapeutic Options (Updates in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection)

This book aims to present a comprehensive classification of hypertensive phenotypes based on underlying target organ involvement. Particular emphasis is placed on review and assessment of clinical presentation, pathophysiologic mechanisms, and possible specific therapeutic options for each hypertension phenotype. Several of these phenotypes are well known and well described in the literature, such as prehypertension,… Read More »

Best Diet Plan For Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure Patients

Diet plays an important role in controlling the blood pressure level. What is the best diet plan for patients suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure? This is a common question asked by people across the world. High blood pressure, if left unconsidered can give rise to several health disorders in future life. Heart diseases,… Read More »