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Flu Tied to Heart Failure Worsening

When the number of reported flu cases goes up, so does the number of hospitalizations for heart failure. A study in JAMA Cardiology used data on 451,588 people, ages 35 to 84, in four geographic areas over four flu seasons, from 2010 to 2014. The researchers randomly sampled 2,042 hospitalizations for heart failure and 1,599… Read More »

Low Tidal Volume Ventilation Trial in Acute Respiratory Failure Not Feasible

December 17, 2018 Share this content: The trial would need to enroll approximately 107,373 patients to have a 96% power to detect a 3% improvement in mortality at 80% to 100% adherence to low tidal volume ventilation. A cluster-randomized clinical trial of low tidal volume ventilation vs usual care in patients with acute respiratory failure… Read More »

Medical News Today: Recalled 'weight history' can predict heart failure risk

Asking older adults how much they weighed in the past can help to predict their risk of heart failure, according to recent research. New research found that asking seniors how much they weighed in their 20s and 40s accurately predicted heart failure risk. Ideally, doctors treating older people would have ready access to accurate weight… Read More »