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Clinical Management of Heart Failure

In this new 3rd edition, the authors have made every effort to keep the text concise. They have attempted to base as much of the discussion of heart failure management on pathophysiologic principles as possible. They have provided references, whenever possible, to review articles and sound meta-analyses rather than primary data so that readers have… Read More »

Failure – Do it Right

by Internet Archive Book Images I set myself a big goal for the weekend: Write 20,000 words by hook or by crook. I utterly failed. At 8,000 words my brain turned to jello and I crashed out on the sofa with a box set of DVD’s. You heard me. As a writer, you’re going to… Read More »

Success With Heart Failure: Help and Hope for Those with Congestive Heart Failure

This new and improved edition of Success With Heart Failure gives readers enlightened and compassionate insight and important tips for treating this prevalent disease, including information on:–The similarities and differences between heart failure and heart attack–The role of heart transplantation to treat heart failure–State-of-the-art implantation treatments–The psychological effect of a prognosis of heart failure–The importance… Read More »