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Direct And Unfiltered: John Dingell’s Popular Health Care Tweets

Use Our Content This story can be republished for free (details). Former Rep. John Dingell, who died Thursday, was known for his strong opinions during his nearly 60 years in Congress. And even after leaving Congress, he continued to express his views through a lively, partisan — and sometimes earthy — Twitter account that attracted a… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic pegs 10 top care innovations for 2019

AI is being used in healthcare for applications such as decision support, image analysis and patient triage. “Today, artificial intelligence is helping physicians make smarter decisions at the point of care, improving the ease and accuracy of viewing patient scans and reducing physician burnout,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. “For instance, machine learning algorithms have… Read More »

Hmm, Apparently People Don't Care As Much When Girls Cry As When Boys Do

Getty ImagesKatie Buckleitner Sexism in pain perception is a well-known and documented problem: men and women complaining of the same type and level of pain are treated differently by health care providers, based only on their gender. Blah blah, “boys don’t cry, women are weak,” bullshit, blah blah. A new study published in January in… Read More »