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“Allergies” Sticker Labels in Dispenser Box | Write-on Fluorescent Red 1″ x 2-1/4″ Rectangle Surface backed with Permanent Adhesive

Grab necessary attention with these bright, fluorescent red labels. These labels are meant for use in hospitals, surgical centers, day cares, etc. The eye-catching color ensures that staff will not miss it and reduces the possibilty that improper food or medication will be given. They are made in the USA of matte finish paper label… Read More »

Get the Lowdown on Cat Allergies

by Casey McKinnon Many cat owners also suffer from cat allergies. So, why do we bother keeping the pets then? Well, if you are a cat lover then that is a silly question because there are simply no way you could part with your pet even if she makes you sneeze or itch now and… Read More »

Dogs Get Allergies Too!

by buhny Many dogs can suffer from allergic reactions to various things. Breeds such as Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Schnauzers, and Terriers may be genetically pre-disposed to allergies, specifically, allergies caused by ingredients found in food. Food allergies may manifest themselves in cats and dogs in the following ways: Their skin becomes itchy and… Read More »