Buy valium online no prescription connecticut

By | 01.04.2018

buy valium online no prescription connecticut

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3 thoughts on “Buy valium online no prescription connecticut

  1. Kegul

    DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! People on this board have great things to say because they have not been on it long enough to get to the bad part. I do think it is great for short term or as needed but please do not take this regularly unless you want your life to change to the point that you are a slave to the little pill which will only give you a short period of relief followed by extreme agitation and panic.

  2. Fauramar

    I worry about the addictive nature of this drug. I take .25 mgs occassionally for vertigo. It seems to help. I try to take it inconsistantly so as not to get addicted. I also take it to fly because I am very fearful in airplanes. It doesn't help entirely but takes the edge off.

  3. Angel

    A coworker offered me this after I mentioned I was dealing with depression/anxiety...that was the second biggest mistake of my life. The first biggest mistake was being in a relationship with a controlling fiance that ruined my life, how I didn't see the red flags from the start and ditched the relationship will forever haunt me. I started dealing with depression/anxiety not long after the relationship started and I don't usually take crap from anybody but this person was a professional manipulator and I was an unsuspecting victim. My Dr at first wouldn't prescribe it saying it was addictive and after giving me something else that made me worse he gave me a bottle of over a hundred pills and kept me on it over two years. After awhile the drug did nothing and had to increase my dose...this was a sign to stop. After awhile I developed tinnitus and came across a terrible website ran by a person that despised big pharma, the site said value can cause tinnitus and right away I started tapering off without telling my Dr which wasn't the best idea but I was sick and tired of my Dr leaving me on meds forever. Two weeks after a one month taper I started having severe w/d and didn't realize it was from stopping the valium since I stopped it weeks before. I mentioned to my Dr that I needed something for anxiety and he never asked about the valium! The other pill was too short lasting and I ended up getting much worse.My Dr wasn't paying attention to meds and was beyond careless.

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