Valium buy fedex boxes sizes

By | 17.01.2018

valium buy fedex boxes sizes

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2 thoughts on “Valium buy fedex boxes sizes

  1. Samulabar

    i have taken this off and on for 7 years and my life is better because of it. If you take the drug only as needed and dont abuse it, it is a godsend. People, some of these reviews have to be made up. such as i took .5 once a day for a week and almost died...really. i have quit cold turkey several times and never ever had a problem. Dont be scared of a drug that can fix a problem, be scared if you abuse it. NOTHING is good for you if you take to much. I have piece of mind knowing in case of a panic attack I have a simple solution.

  2. Mabar

    First MRI was closed, then 2 open when I found out I was claustrophobic, then surgeon requested another closed MRI because of better quality images. Took 1 Valium 2mg one hour before procedure. Husband drove me 45 minutes and I slept all the way. Woke with double vision and staggering uncoordination. He had to hold me up to get me to the MRI. I don't do well with CNS depressants. Just like Soma a few years back. I was extremely relaxed during the MRI, though I will put this on my list of drug sensitivities.

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