What is the cost for valium 1mg

By | 08.04.2018

what is the cost for valium 1mg

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3 thoughts on “What is the cost for valium 1mg

  1. Svyatopolk

    I was on a very low dose for a little over a year. I averaged about .5 mg a day and I have never taken more than .75mg for any major attack. The drug works great when you need it. The problem is long term use. Even though I was on a low dose, I had to wean off this drug for weeks. I am now 3 weeks off of it completely and my body still does not feel right. I am determined to stay off this drug and only use it when I need it. It is a security blanket for me, as I walk around with it in my pocket, just incase I need it. It is great for short term usage or for when you need it, but I would not take this drug long term.

  2. Kajikazahn

    Works superbly for me. I take very judiciously, only when I feel it is absolutely necessary. I skip days. I hope the SSRI works so I don't need it though. Highest recommendation for panic sufferers, if used responsibly. It can be a good friend, and also your worst enemy (from what I have read here, elsewhere, and everywhere). It has allowed me to function a lot better just knowing I have something with which to combat the panic, giving *me* some control back. I know it is just treating the "symptom", but for now it's what I need to get to the "cause".

  3. Bacage

    Contrary to all the other reports here: Valium gave me the most horrid depression. I would want to lie in bed all day. Also gave me underlying feeling of sadness. I did not experience the euphoria others talk about! One positive side effect: somewhat improved my libido.

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