Generic valium with no markings round purple pill

By | 09.07.2017

generic valium with no markings round purple pill

sleep pill (for sure) white, round no imprint on either side. about a cm in Supposed to be a generic 10 m.g. valium, made in India by JPee Drugs. . there the real ones from chemist made by activis in a white n purple box. DAN 5. 1/5 Previous Image Next Image. Drug: Diazepam Strength: 5 mg. Pill Imprint: DAN 5. Color: Yellow Shape: Round. View Images & Details. Discussion threads and articles about Pink Round Pill No Markings Valium. We found 5 This pill is the generic for Valium, which is spelled Diazepam. It is 10  Missing: purple. What Is A Blue Pill With VGR 100? Thu, Feb 16 '17, 5: Mon, Jun 12 '17, 9: Page 1 of You could also try taking the pill into your local pharmacy and see if they have any other way of determining its contents. J Sorry, there is no way to tell just from that description.


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  1. Zulule

    anxiety, panic attacks yes this medicine worked but it soon lost its affectness , the side affect i seem to have is weight gain . no matter how much i diet or exersise i cannot loose any weight ....

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