Order valium cod

By | 03.07.2017

order valium cod

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2 thoughts on “Order valium cod

  1. Kajik

    calms me following a 5 month taper of zoplicone now off them 5 mohths completley and take an average 2 mg valium a day as needed only no more

  2. Akicage

    I used to be on Klonopin for years and I think it helped but I'm not sure since I was also on Paxil. It came to a point where neither were working for me even at higher dosages so I started taking Ativan. This really helped my anxiety but it would come back every morning. Eventually I hit tolerance and had to increase it. Eventually I hit tolerance again and I found myself feeling more anxious than ever. I decided it was time to get off. The doctor put me on Valium because it's easier to taper off than any other benzo. He suggested I could take anywhere from 4mg to 10mg per day. I slowly tapered down to 1.5mg but I was miserable. I reinstated and went back up to 6mg and have also tried 10mg and it has never worked for me. Stay away from it

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