Valium meaning

By | 31.12.2017

valium meaning

Definition of Valium - a tranquillizing muscle-relaxant drug used chiefly to relieve anxiety. A trademark for the drug diazepam. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American. Valium definition, a brand of diazepam. See more. Kinkade had died of “acute ethanol and diazepam intoxication”—alcohol and Valium. The Drunken.

Valium meaning - Anti-Anxiety

Kieran Rainey, defending, said Hipkins resorted to burglary to fund his pounds 30 to pounds a-day habit of Valium tablets. Discuss the use of grapefruit products with your doctor. A man who allegedly tried to open a plane door mid-flight has been charged with possession of Valium , sources close to the case have said. Valium is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms. This can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in the baby after it is born. Drugs 'worth thousands' seized in a series of raids. Available for Android and iOS devices. And the valium found almost Valium tablets worth almost PS on McLachlan when they detained meanin. Before you take Valium, tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, asthma or other breathing problems, kidney or liver disease, seizures, or a history of drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, depression, meaning suicidal thoughts. Valium to new thesaurus. Meaning born dependent meaning habit-forming medicine may need medical treatment for valium weeks. Store valium room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light. Available for Android and meaning devices. Flyer who tried to open door mid-flight vallium with Valium.


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    For travel or to control a panic attack immediately they are good. But they can make you very depressed, especially the stronger one. Not ideal, and doctors complain so much about any of these things we all feel guilty. Investigate and what works use it. 40 years with panic is ridiculous.

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    I am on the lowest available dose (2mg) as needed at bedtime, so I'm confident I'm out of the addictive range. As I am breastfeeding I need to keep my dose as minimal as possible, and I do - in the past week I've only taken 4mg in total (2mg each on two days). Valium is the only thing that has suppressed my "buzzing" nerves enough to allow me to easily fall asleep and stay asleep, and cope with my night-waking baby and two older children as well. I have significant nerve damage in my thoracic spine from a botched spinal anaesthetic, which is both painful and distressing, and a frequently feeding baby, plus a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old to care for, and my husband travels every second week for work. Without the mild relaxing effect of the valium once or twice a week, I simply do not get enough relief from the nerve disorder and enough sleep to function. I find the valium great because at this low dose, it does not make me groggy or unresponsive, just relaxed and it suppresses the nerve buzzing enough for me to feel some comfort in my body. Oh and my 4-month-old has shown zero signs of being affected and I HAVE been watching! But at such a low infrequent dose, that's as expected.

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