Overnight delivery of valium information

By | 18.09.2017

overnight delivery of valium information

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2 thoughts on “Overnight delivery of valium information

  1. Fautilar

    I am male age 65 years old. My nurse practitioner is trying to wean me off Valium after taking it ( 5 mgs) since I was 23..that's 43 years. It has been doing it's job for me. It gave me back my life. I have extreme anxiety disorders. My original physician gave me no hassle. He died, and I had to get a new Doctor. Things were fine until this past year when out of the blue she recommended me getting off the drug. I never abused it, but she is adamant about it. So, I am trying..truly am. It's not going too well. I am wondering if I should find a new Dr. and take my records there. I think my age has something to do with it, but getting off it is almost a nightmare. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I really would like some feedback from others.

  2. Takree

    As you see, I have used Valium almost an entire lifetime. However, I determined from the beginning that I would not become addicted or dependent and resolved not to take it two nights in a row. If I were sleepless the night following a previous night of taking the drug, I would have to remain sleepless.

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