Order valium next day

By | 12.02.2018

order valium next day

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2 thoughts on “Order valium next day

  1. Kimi

    could have been a good drug, but wrong diagnosis. maybe i was expecting too much too, because the prescribed .25 mg seemed to have NO effect on my anxiety after the first two as-diagnosed anxiety attacks i had. turns out my "anxiety attacks" were actually the beginnings of psychotic episodes, and i didn't know it, so my opinions on this drug may very well be null and void. when i would take .75 mg or 1 whole mg, it seemed to keep me from tumbling into episodes too quickly, but didn't curb the episodes themselves. i guess i needed a different kind of "tranquilizer".

  2. Tygozragore

    No negative side effects Take 10mg 3 times a week.Don't take all the time otherwise it won't work as well

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