Buy valium online no prescription california redding

By | 26.11.2017

buy valium online no prescription california redding

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2 thoughts on “Buy valium online no prescription california redding

  1. Paige

    NEVER take this drug more than 2-4 weeks! This and ALL benzos cause withdrawal and may cause a withdrawal syndrome. I have been in withdrawal for over a year now with no healing in site. Take it from me, these drugs are NOT worth it to lose your life over.

  2. Kazizuru

    My blood pressure was 270/120 and had to work through many drugs before this one lowered my anxiety and blood pressure. At 20 mg a day usually take all at night time for sleep to. Side effects sometimes headache. Strong addiction and should be weaned off it slowly or your head will hurt non stop for a month. A nightmare to stop cold. It lasts eight times longer than Xanax or Klonopin they are two brothers not to mess with. At first you may have the sedated effect before you become more resistant to the drug. Where you get the drug also makes a difference. Some stores give the yellow tablet which melts in mouth as clean as water. Other stores have an orange tablet that tastes like paper. Walmart has the good one and some grocery but not CVS.

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