Chair Massage: Ease Muscle Spasms Faster

By | April 22, 2018

Do you work too hard and have no time to take care of yourself? Do you need some time to relax? Of course you need it, of course you do not have the time. Between family and work there is no time for yourself. Guess what, you may work for a company that provides relief. This relief may come in a chair massage.

Some companies actually will provide on-the job chair massages. A masseuse will show up, equipment in hand, at the job site. These independent workers know that a massage will greatly reduce stress as well as aches and pains. Chair massage, unlike many others, is done while the recipient is fully clothed, so it can be done in public rather than in a private salon.

Companies actually do this. Even though it sounds like a luxury, remember that a lot of larger companies have, on their premises, conveniences such as nap rooms and day care. A masseuse who will come to the site with equipment can be used to provide incentives or reward hard-working individuals, while relieving stress.

So that now we know that chair massage can help performance, let’s look at the benefit to the employer. You are already paying for health insurance for your employee, and possibly his/her family. Doesn’t it make sense to do something that will avoid claims before they happen. Chair massage will help avoid absenteeism, as well as making employees perform better while on the job.

I love studying different languages. It’s especially exciting when all cultures have the same word and customs. The word comes from the Latin word frictio”, as well as from the French word meaning friction or kneading”, and the Arabic word massa” meaning to touch, feel or handle.

Massage isn’t a new form of stress/pain relief. It has been passed down through the ages and through many cultures, specifically Chinese. There are records dating back 3,000 years to document the use of massage. The ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments – even Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems.

One very important thing about massage is that while it relieves pain and stress, it doesn’t require medication, which can lead to drowsiness. If the employee is happy, he/she will produce better. Every employer wants to have happy workers, as they know this maximizes the work. My husband and I don’t want to be billionaires. We want to be able to pay the basic bills and have our girls in dance and music classes.

In the morning, before my husband begins his day, I encourage him to stretch out. He drives many miles a day and works in a busy office and with clients. His company doesn’t offer chair massage yet. We are hoping that soon they will begin to offer this, as I know it will help with the stress, head and neck pain. He does make an effort to go in for massages as he knows the benefits. We’re waiting until the company offers it and it’s done on their time for their benefit!

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