Valium without a prescription rhode island

By | 23.12.2017

valium without a prescription rhode island

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2 thoughts on “Valium without a prescription rhode island

  1. Targ

    This works great for me too, with little to no side effects. But the doctors say it is addictive. I HAVEN'T NOTICED. Been on it for over a year I take as needed. I think I need a higher dose but they want to get me off of it, the one thing that works for me, are they crazy. I do just fine on this why change it.

  2. Voodoojin

    It gives me rapid relief of my muscle spasms starting within 10 minutes. It's the only 'as needed' medication I know of, whereas the others I've been prescribed are 'take at scheduled times' meaning they have slow bioavailability and one may be taking unneccessary doses.

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