Valium pharmacology drug cards

By | 20.04.2018

valium pharmacology drug cards

Diazepam, a benzodiazepine, generates the same active Not Available, G>A, Effect Inferred, Poor drug metabolizer. Details. Diazepam (Valium) is an anxiolytic, benzodiazepine and an antiepileptic If necessary, repeat therapy in 24 hr; other drugs are preferable for. Each week make drug cards from the list or location provided. Drug written. You may use both sides and large note cards if necessary. Diazepam; Valium.


3 thoughts on “Valium pharmacology drug cards

  1. Yozshuzragore

    After intolerable side effects of an anti depressant it relaxed my stomach (stopped vomiting) relaxed muscles so constant shaking and shivering subsided,helped me sleep and for me to actually have normal and relaxed thoughts. Taken when needed from normal anxiety it just relaxes body and mind... it's long lasting nature often means that

  2. Isaiah

    For travel or to control a panic attack immediately they are good. But they can make you very depressed, especially the stronger one. Not ideal, and doctors complain so much about any of these things we all feel guilty. Investigate and what works use it. 40 years with panic is ridiculous.

  3. Reginald

    this drug is great.. i used to be a nervous wreck at work or pretty much anywhere i went... this is the first drug i took for anxiety and i have no bad side effects.. im soo happy to finally feel like a normal person again

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