Online pharmacy cod valium overdose reversal

By | 23.07.2017

online pharmacy cod valium overdose reversal

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2 thoughts on “Online pharmacy cod valium overdose reversal

  1. Akinogore

    I had been on Xanax for 2 years taking 2mg. 3 times a day, unfortunatly the life span is only 2 hours or so. I got a high resistance to them, and became EXTREMEMLY addicted. When I tried to stop cold turkey, I can not begin to describe the pain and how sick I felt along with rebound anxiety I experienced. Went back just to feel

  2. Kegal

    Worked good for me I used this med for over 20 years and it did the trick for me after trying all the other pills that were out there at the time. This was '83. I had to take a benadryl with the .5mg's that I was taking. Because I didn't want to go with a higher dosage. The only side effect I had was, some days I would feel a little lethargic. But finding it was like finding the holy grail, after several years of no sleep.

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