3 mg valium high

By | 11.01.2018

3 mg valium high

How much Valium (Diazepam) would it take for someone to feel After 45 minutes, if You doesn't feel anything, then You can take another mg. I had aco-worker who drove around on benzos and ended up wrecking 3 times. But you honestly probably won't get much of a high if you are seeking nutritioninpill.com - - How many mg of Valium does it take to get high? And snorting Valium high can also increase your risk of overdose. .. Hi I took 35 mg of Valium around p.m. Then drank some coffee and. 2 Answers - Posted in: valium, xanax - Answer: Hello, 5 mg's of Valium i'd stick with the xanax(what i'm used to)she gave me 3mg to take 3 tid. so high i couldn't tell you my name most days i now take 2mg of valium two.


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  1. Kiran

    I have experienced anxiety since being diagnosed with Cancer 4 years ago. I use 0.5 MG's twice daily and stick to this dosage given to me by my doctor. It helps me tremendously. I have tried to step off it several times and found it very difficult. Will remain on it for as long as I need it. It improves my life quality and keeps panic and anxiety at bay.

  2. Mataur

    I used it for sleep aid as ambien or lunesta never worked for me. I took a half a pill before bed and put me right to sleep. Never had any crazy dreams or sleep-walking episodes. Worked great as a sleep aid.

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