7 At-Home Exercises to Get Rihanna’s Curves, From Her Trainer

By | December 26, 2018
At-Home Exercises to Get Rihanna's Curves

When Rihanna first came to me she had been traveling for the first half of 2017 and admitted her workout routine had taken a backseat to the chaos – which is understandable between her cosmetics line, lingerie debut, recording, partnerships + more. Her goal was to maintain her curves – she actually really enjoyed how her body was looking after taking a few months off from the gym (ahem booty, hips and thighs); but was looking to tighten up and tone a few areas without losing any of her curves.

I’d been training Rihanna’s personal chef, Debbie, for about a year at this point and as soon as Rihanna was back in Los Angeles, Debbie dragged her along for what she promised would be the most sculpting 25-minute workout session of her life. I have to admit I died a little inside after Rihanna’s first time on the Supra® — she told me she was OBSESSED with it and it was the most difficult workout she’d ever done!

So, what is the Supra® you might ask? If you’ve heard of the Lagree Fitness® Method or the Megaformer® machine – loved by celebs like Jen Aniston, Sofia Vergara (has 2 Megaformers in her home), Khloe Kardashian, Michelle Obama + more (my husband created and patented both the machine and workout method) — our own personal studio in Los Angeles, Lagree Fitness Studio, is the exclusive home to my husband’s newest fitness innovation: the 25-minute Supra® machine.

The Supra® is a resistance-based platform that uses a system of springs and pulleys much like its predecessor, the Megaformer®, but it’s a completely digital machine and is the first machine in the world to both incline and tilt. So, while you’re doing your Lagree moves like Catfish and Bear, the Supra is moving up and down underneath your feet up to 4 feet in the air, while shifting left to right, so you’re fighting gravity, resistance, AND your body weight while trying to hold a pose. The machine forces you to engage all 600 muscles at once to maintain balance and you can burn up to 400 calories in just 25-minutes!

So, here, I give to you: 7 exercises you can do at-home without the Supra machine to get Rihanna’s curves inspired by the in-studio workouts I design for her!

At-Home Exercises to Get Rihanna's Curves

Remember: The Lagree Fitness® Method is unique in that it’s based on the “time under tension” (TUT) concept, which means you aren’t necessarily counting “sets” or “reps” for each exercise. TUT refers to the amount of time the muscle(s) is contracted/fighting resistance. This is how you’ll get those long, lean, sculpted muscles, get your cardio in , and avoid bulking!

Try to perform every move described below precisely and slowly using a ‘four-count-out’, ‘four-count-in’ timing for each exercise for a minimum of 60 seconds on the right side, 60 seconds on the left. Work yourself up to 90 seconds and then 120 seconds on each side as you begin to master them.

Enjoy, sweat, hold and embrace the Lagree shakes!

  1. Reverse Saw: For this move – which targets your lats, shoulders and abs – you’ll need a set of towels. On a bare floor, get into tabletop position. Place a hand towel under your knees for comfort. Drop down onto your elbows so that they’re aligned under your shoulders. To get into starting position, walk your elbows out so that your “table top” creates a 45-degree angle from your hips to your knees. Now that you’re in position, place the other hand towel under your elbows. Slowly slide your elbows out in front of you for 4 counts and then pull them back in so they’re underneath your shoulders on a 4-count. Hands should be in a prayer position pointing to front of the room. Your knees are static and do not move. Your entire trunk should not move., the entire exercise is performed by just pushing your elbows out and pulling them in.
  • Standing Inner Thighs: Work your inner and outer thighs, pelvic area and transverse abdominals (lower abs) with one of Rihanna’s favorite moves! On a smooth surface, stand with legs hip width apart and toes pointed outwards with a slight bend in your knees. Grab some gliders or paper plates (on carpet) or towels (on hard floor) and slowly push one leg outward (4-count) and then pull inward (4 count). Focus on pulling in and pushing out using your inner thigh. There should be a slight bend in knees, but never total squat position. Repeat this motion for 90-120 seconds on one side then switch using the other leg.  
  • Wheelbarrow: Target your triceps, arms shoulders, chest, back and abs with this all-in-one exercise. Get in a table top position on the floor with gliders or towels under your knees; then slide your knees back so you’re creating a 45-degree angle between your core and thighs. Cross your legs at your ankles and lift slightly so that only your hands and knees are touching the floor. When you inhale, slowly push yourself backwards using your shoulders and arms. On the exhale, pull your body back to starting position – only using your arms – not your legs – your legs should be stationary and your arms should feel like they’re pulling and pushing dead weight.
  • Catfish: Another favorite of Rihanna’s, this move will work your arms, lats, and abs and obliques. Start by selecting a sturdy piece of furniture in your house (a heavier chair is recommended), and a smooth floor surface (ie: tile or hardwood). Facing the chair, place your hands on the sides of the seat, extend your arms so they’re completely straight. Creating a 90-degree angle between your hips and the floor (back straight, booty out!), place your feet on a towel (to allow the feet to move back and forth with ease), go up on the balls of your feet and keep a slight bend in the knees. With slightly bent knees, pull your knees into you toward your elbows on a 4-count-in; and staying on the balls of your feet, push your legs away from your elbows by sliding your feet out on a 4-count. You should feel like you’re dragging the lower half of your body with the power of your core and lower abs.
  • Carriage Kicks: On a smooth surface, get into a lunging position with one leg in front of you and one behind. Squat down and maintain the lunging leg (front leg) static and stationary, making sure your knee does not go beyond your toes. Place your opposite foot (behind leg) on a towel, slide that foot back until the leg is almost straight (do not move to the point where your knee is completely straight — you always want to retain tension with a little bend in your knee). Slide the back foot in until your knee is directly under your hip. Keep this movement going on a 4-count-in, 4-count-out basis for 90-120 seconds, always retaining a slight bend of the knee in the back leg. This exercise works legs and core.
At-Home Exercises to Get Rihanna's Curves
  •  Donkey Kicks: This can be done on any surface. Get down on all fours with knees directly under hips and hands positioned under shoulders, keeping the spine straight. Keeping a 90* angle between your hips and the floor, lift one knee off the ground, to the side (as if you were going to do a fire hydrant move) and kick straight back keeping the kicking leg parallel with the spine, the foot flexed and the ankle toward the ceiling, toes pointed out. This exercise works the butt, abs, and arms. As always, perform the kick out and kick in on a 4-count each for 90-120 seconds and switch sides.
  • Spoon: Get started on a smooth surface. Almost any chair will work for this exercise (except if it has wheels;). Sit in your chair, grip your hands around the sides of the chair and lift yourself off the chair, booty must be elevated and spine must be straight! Keeping your elbows straight, lean forward so your body is creating a 90-degree angle between your top and lower half with your hips. Using a towel under your heels (to allow the feet to move back and forth on the floor), flex your feet and pull the hips up toward the ceiling, keeping your arms static in a slow controlled movement. On your 4-count-out, push the hips down and feet forward. This exercise works the abs and arms.

For more information on how you can try out Dr. Lipnitsky’s EMS program and train like a supermodel, visit www.ReBalanceNYC.com.

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